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Benefits of Massage

Therapeutic massage has numerous benefits which are delievered in a very safe, non-invasive method and do not carry the harmful side effects that some medications and invasive procedures do.

Therapeutic massage has the ability to enhance an already complex and dynamic system within the human body.

Therapeutic Massage:

Massage stimulates the immune system
Massage encourages muscles to relax
Massage helps in soft tissue healing
Massage increases dopamine and serotonin levels
Massage enhances a persons state of well being
Massage enhances muscle tone
Massage stimulates the flow of blood and lymph fluid

Therapeutic Massage can help alleviate and eliminate a number of symptoms and conditions

Massage helps reduce emotional stress
Massage reduces pain
Massage reduces scars / scar tissue damage [cross fiber friction]
Massage helps reduce depression
Massage aids in reducing joint stiffness
Massage aids in sport competition [before and after]
Massage helps with reducing muscular tension
Massage helps in reducing constipation

As you can see Therapeutic Massage carries a wide variety of
health benefits and should be considered as a supplement to your mainstream healthcare regime.

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